MCPSS Academy of Virtual Learning Course Offerings 2021-2022

7th Grade Courses

Math 7

Science 7 - Life Science

Social Studies 8 - Civics & Geography

Language Arts 8

Guided Study

Physical Education

8th Grade Courses

Math 8

Science 8 - Physical Science

Social Studies 8 - World History

Language Arts 8

Guided Study

Physical Education


English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12

Honors/AP/DE English

Honors English 9

Honors English 10

Honors English 11

Honors English 12

AP English Language

AP English Literature

Dual Enrollment English Composition I

Dual Enrollment English Composition II

Social Studies

World History

US History to 1877

US History 1877 to Present


Honors/AP/DE Social Studies

Honors World History

Honors US History to 1877

Honors US History 1877 to Present

Honors Gov/Economics

AP United States History

AP Government/Economics

Dual Enrollment United States History I

Dual Enrollment United States History II


Career Tech Electives

Business Technology Application


Intro to Computer and Digital Literacy

Career Preparedness

Workforce Essentials



AP Computer Science A

Personal Finance

Computer Programming

**Students can take Career Tech Courses at Faulkner or Bryant Career Center.


Algebra 1 with Probability

Geometry with Data Analysis

Algebra II with Statistics

Mathematical Modeling

Honors/AP/DE Mathematics

Honors Algebra 1 with Probability

Honors Geometry with Data Analysis 

Honors Algebra II with Statistics

Honors Pre-Calculus

Honors Applications of Finite Mathematics

AP Calculus AB

AP Statistics

Dual Enrollment Precalculus

Fine Arts Electives

Dance, Elements of Art

Music, Elements of Art

Theatre, Elements of Art

Visual Arts, Elements of Art

Introduction to Theatre

AP Art History

Dual Enrollment Music Appreciation

Foreign Languages

Spanish I, II, III, IV

Latin I, II, III

German 1, II, III

Mandarin Chinese I, II

French I, II, III


Physical Science


Earth Science

Environmental Science

Human Anatomy & Physiology


Honors/AP/DE Science

Honors Biology

Chemistry CP

Physics CP

AP Biology

Dual Enrollment Principles of Biology I

Dual Enrollment Principles of Biology II

General Electives

Content Textual Reading

Creative Writing

Global Studies


Nutrition and Wellness




AP Psychology

Beginning Kinesiology (PE)

Health Education

ACT Prep Course

Dual Enrollment Psychology

Web Design I

Web Design II

  • MAVL does not offer any courses for the following programs: Pre-IB, IB, Cambridge, or Early College. If a student is in those programs, he or she will need to stay enrolled at their home school. 
  • If a student is planning on enrolling with MAVL and is in the rank for Valedictorian, Salutatorian, or top ten at their home school, he or she must physically attend classes at their home school for the duration of the junior and senior year to qualify for those positions. MAVL students do not qualify for Valedictorian, Salutatorian, or top ten rank at their home school.