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MCPSS Academy Of Virtual Learning

100 Carlen St., Mobile, AL 36606
(off Wilcox St. in the former Waterman Technical School Bldg.)
This school is a proud part of Mobile County Public Schools

Helpful Tips for Parents

As the parent, you will be your child's learning coach. Your role is to help your child self-direct his or her own learning by encouraging him or her to be successful in online learning and keeping him or her progressing at a pace that is meeting the student's learning needs.MAVL has provided a few tips to help ease learning your role as the learning coach. You play a pivotal role in the educational success of your child's online learning experience. Students who are effective online learners can become effective lifelong learners.

Parent/Learning Coach Responsibilities:

  • Ensure your child has and implements a schedule to meet their 30 hours of active participation requirements in the Connexus/ACCESS course.
  • Ensure your child remains on the designated pace that is provided in the course.
  • Ensure your child has the necessary technology requirements (desktop or laptop computer, internet access) and school supplies.
  • Monitor your child's academic progress.
  • Communicate with the MAVL staff by responding to email, text, or phone correspondences.
  • Access and read all communications provided by MAVL.


  • Guide, support, and motivate your child
  • Establish a suitable structure for the school day at home
    • Help your child determine and a time and schedule they will go online to do their class assignments. Assignments should be done on time and students should be online in their courses every day.
  • Make sure your child stays focused daily
  • Monitor your child's progress daily
    • Check in with your child everyday. Ask them to show you the work they have turned in and the grade they have received. Discuss their progress with them. Encourage them to contact MAVL staff if they are having any problems or have any questions.
  • Assist with time management skills
    • Set a timer for your child in order to keep them on task and on pace
  • Reach out to MAVL staff with questions or concerns