Frequently Asked Questions

What is MCPSS Academy of Virtual Learning (MAVL)?

MCPSS Academy of Virtual Learning is a public school option for MCPSS students in grades 8-12 that provides an alternative to the traditional school setting. Students take their courses online and complete their classwork anytime and anywhere.

How much does MAVL cost?

MCPSS Academy of Virtual Learning has a $40 enrollment fee. If students are enrolled in Advanced Placement courses, they will need to purchase their online textbooks. 

Why choose MAVL?

We empower learning anytime, anywhere while providing a curriculum that engages students with various instructional strategies. In addition, we provide individual attention and extra help when your child needs it. We provide flexibility for your child to achieve his or her goals with a non-traditional education that facilitates 21st century learning skills.

What are the advantages of a virtual school?

MCPSS Academy of Virtual Learning offers some of the same courses that are taken at the traditional high school but with the following advantages:

  • A more flexible school learning schedule for students
  • The freedom and flexibility of no set class schedule while taking classes when and where they want
  • More individual attention and a more personalized education
  • Being able to pursue their interests in extracurricular activities such as band, chorus, ROTC, etc.

What Are The Admission Requirements?

Students who are interested in enrolling in the MCPSS Academy of Virtual Learning must be self-motivated, independent learners. Students must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Be a rising 8th-12th grader.
  • Be on grade level/cohort year.
  • Be enrolled in a public, private, or home school.
  • Be a resident within one of the MCPSS school zones.
  • Be at or above grade level in reading and math.
  • Have acceptable attendance.
  • Have minimal discipline issues (no C-E offenses).
  • Have a minimum 2.0 GPA for 10th-12th graders.
  • Have passed all academic courses for the upcoming 8th and 9th graders with an overall "C" average in all courses.
  • Have a laptop or desktop computer and access to consistent internet.
  • Have reliable transportation to attend lab days.
  • Complete Orientation Class for parents and students (1-2 hours) prior to being accepted into MCPSS Academy of Virtual Learning.

*A review committee will evaluate all received applications with the final decision resting among the administration.

How does MCPSS Academy of Virtual Learning work? 

Students will be required to have a desktop or laptop computer and internet access. Students will work independently on online lessons, projects, and assignments at a time and place that is best suited for them. They will report to the MAVL Curriculum Lab at least once a week for tests and exams.

Who Would Benefit from Being Enrolled in MAVL?

         Any student in grades 8-12. It is most beneficial for academically gifted students, homeschoolers, or aspiring professional dancers, athletes, or artists who            must train/practice during the day.

What Learning Management Systems Are Used?

MAVL uses ACCESS Distance Learning and Connexus. ACCESS Distance Learning is a program administered by the Alabama State Department of Education. ACCESS uses a variety of instructional tools for learning and is taught by a certified teacher. Connexus is an online learning management system that uses modules and quizzes to deliver instruction to students.

How is attendance taken?

MAVL follows the MCPSS attendance policy and procedures. Attendance in online courses is based on active participation in the learning management system. Students must "attend" school daily by logging into the courses every day and successfully completing and submitting assignments, participating in course activities, and communicating with online teachers. If a student is assigned to Academic Monitoring, he or she will be required to complete mandatory lab days for face-to-face attendance. If students miss school days, either online or mandatory lab days, parents can provide notes to excuse any missed online or mandatory lab days.