Student Testimonials

Student Spotlight

"MAVL has been one of my best schooling experiences. Not only can I work at my own pace, but I still feel connected to my fellow classmates and teachers. If I ever run into a problem, my teachers are an email away and always assist me with the situation. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere but here!"


Sarah R., Former MAVL Student

Student Spotlight

"I chose MAVL because it allows me to work from home. MAVL also lets me work at a faster pace. I love my teachers and advisers. MAVL has been a wonderful experience."

Eighmey S., 11th Grade MAVL Student

Student spotlight

"I chose to do MAVL because I wanted to fully pursue what I knew I wanted to do. I had goals and dreams but the only way I could fully devote myself to them were if I could create my own schedule. MAVL was just the place for that. It has helped me pursue what I want to do for the rest of my life but also has enhanced my schooling. I have learned more than I did at a traditional school I was at before. My grades and everything else has gotten way better. I am very thankful for Envision and all the doors it has opened up for me. If it was not for MAVL I would not have been able to pursue my passion".


Garrison Cooley, Former MAVL Student


"This is my first year as a MAVL student, and so far, I am loving it!  One thing that I love about MAVL is that I can complete my work at my own pace! This not only makes it easier for me to maintain a good schedule, but it also makes it easier for me to get ahead in some of my classes! I love it!  MAVL allows me to be my most authentic self in an environment where I can do so, which for me is home."

Jhordin H., Former MAVL Student